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With the holiday season literally right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for any entertaining you might be planning. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some great Christmas decorating and design trends to make your house look festive and beautiful.

  1. Dress for Success: Your dinner table that is. The holidays are all about entertaining, with dinner parties an important theme for many. Popular design trends include using real greenery (pine or cedar boughs, etc.) silver candle holders, glass ornaments and natural wood chargers to provide an earthy yet elegant feel to your table setting.
  2. White is the new green: Add some pizzazz to the traditional by opting for a white Christmas tree and/or white fur to accent your existing green tree. Add lots of fake snow on or around your tree to create your own winter wonderland. The heavy use of white allows the reds and greens to pop that much more vividly with this decorating approach.
  3. Decorate everywhere: Your holiday decorations shouldn’t be reserved strictly for your living room or wherever your tree resides. Be sure to include holiday décor items throughout your home, from your front entryway right through to your bathrooms, where holiday towels, soap dispensers, etc. can create an added design element over the holidays.
  4. Go with modern influenced ornaments: Geometric shaped ornaments in gold and silver provide a chic look and add a special charm to your Christmas tree. It’s a look that will be the envy of many of your guest who will visit your home during the season.
  5. Wrapped presents as a décor element: With the abundance of beautiful, highly quality and inexpensive wrapping paper today, your wrapped presents don’t need to ‘hide’ under the tree or in a closet prior to Christmas Eve. Put them out in key, high visibility locations throughout your house as a unique design element that can be updated every year!
  6. Go vintage: Pull out the old sled from the garage and the vintage paper and burlap sacs and use them to decorate your home, inside and out! Add more traditional natural greenery elements like holly or boxwood branches or magnolia leaves for an added spark to your decorating.
  7. Pack away the books and knick-knacks: Your bookshelves, mantles and tabletops provide an excellent place to showcase your holiday décor. Pack away your everyday stuff and replace them with holiday-themed pieces. Use natural greenery with white LED lights or pretty bowls and vases filled with ornaments and pine cones to jazz up an otherwise stale space.
  8. Light it up: One of the most beautiful decorative features at Christmas is the simple white LED or incandescent lights. Use these throughout your home including on banisters with natural or artificial garland. Outside, don’t just put your lights on eaves but also on bushes, trellises, fences and even bird baths. Be creative and add some light to your home during these short days. Christmas scented candles are another item that adds light plus wonderful smells to your home.

Hopefully some of these decorative ideas resonate with you and are ones you can employ in your home this holiday season. However you decide to decorate your home this year, try to make it an event the whole family can participate in and enjoy; it’s a great way to get everyone into the spirit of the holidays! Happy holidays everyone.

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